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Zittauer Gebirge

The smallest low mountain range of Germany located in the heart of Europe

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BautzenThe Zittauer Gebirge is located at the south-east part of Saxony and is the perfect place to do day trips. Bautzen is the nearest city to the Zittauer Gebirge. The 1000 year old Bautzen is a fascinating with the mediaeval downtown and the Here you can find saurian in natural size or you can check out the maze. The maze promise fun for kids and adults. A park with the reminders of east Germany gives you the pleasure to go back in time.

dresdenDresden is the provincial capital of Saxony and is only 1,5 hours away from the Zittauer Gebirge and the city is also known as "Elbflorence" (Florence of the Elbe). Dresden combines historical monuments like the new build "Frauenkirche" (church of Our Lady), "Zwinger" (kennel), "Semperoper" (opera house of Dresden) - cultural event, like the "Dixi-Festival" or the "Oberelbe Marathon" in the spring --- nature, in the "Großen Garten (big garden) --- great shopping ---- and pub area with young peoples and a lot of things to do.

MoritzburgAlso the surrounding of Dresden is fantastic with the hunting lodge of Moritzburg or the palace of Pillnitz. The visitor has the feeling to be in the time of the baroque. You will walk through rooms, where "August der Starke" (elector of Saxony and king of Poland) has been many, many years before.

The "Zittauer Gebirge" is very unique with its closeness to Czech Republic and Poland. Therefore is Prague only 100 km away. Only a footstep away is Krkonose (Gigant Mountains in Poland) or the Jizerské Hory (Mountain in Czech Republic) perfectly for a very long hikes or a long skiing tour in the winter.

The "Zittauer Gebirge" is a perfect place to be.