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Zittauer Gebirge

The smallest low mountain range of Germany located in the heart of Europe

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Wandern"Only on foot one enjoys the beauties of the nature! " - so spoke baron van Knigge at time in the 18-th century. In proof that is statement is fact, is the constantly rising demand for hiking vacation. Exploring one?s native wilderness requires both time and pleasant leisure. These elements finally came together by the end of 19-th century, tourist did not ask for regular footpaths before 1850. In about 1880 the first nature associations (nature lovers, Riesengebirgsverein) were founded and in the Görlitzer region the first noteworthy printed travel guide appeared at about 1930. The upper Lusatian is known as a hiking area. Many footpaths were marked and traveling destinations were named. In the upper Lusatian mountainous country and Zittauer Gebirge range, those who enjoy hiking and walking find worthwhile day trips at every season.

WandernIn May, 2000 the "Oberlausitzer Wanderstiefel"(Upper Lusatian Hiking Boot) was opened with a grand day of hiking. Through the whole region lead more than 300 kilometers of footpaths which combine the small and bigger path of the region to a wide footpath net.

WandernComfortable Mountain Inns and taverns along the way, invite the traveler for a little rest and for some food and beverages. On instructional nature trails, as for example by Lausche-Hochmoor(Lausche ?moorland) below the Lausche you can learn and enjoy at the same time. A special offer is the "walking without luggage on the upper Lusatian mountain path - you "conquer" the highest and best known mountains of the Zittauer Gebirge. At 793 metres above sea level the mountain Lausche inWaltersdorf is the highest mountain, followed by the Hochwald in Oybin.